About Us

Attention to quality and service is the cornerstone for every business represented in the BUCKS Business Network.

The BUCKS Business Network is a community of diverse, business professionals dedicated to cultivating long-term relationships through the sharing of ideas, experiences, resources, and business referrals.

Members are responsible corporate citizens who network to share knowledge, best practices and referrals to assist in business growth.

– Meet and build relationships with other successful business professionals.

– Enjoy the education, motivation and camaraderie of working closely with members through meetings, mixers and social events.

– Enhance your personal and business skills with our education moments, outstanding guest speakers, referral generator meetings, annual retreat, and member business tips.

BUCKS Leadership

Each year, a member takes on the role of president, and as an organization, we are grateful for the work and leadership of each of our presidents. In thanks and recognition to presidents of the past …

2022 Dr. Ross Batiste
2021 Terry Kincaid
2020 Debbie Humphrey
2019 Joyce Frustaci
2018 Brian Elliott
2017 Leon Fox
2016 Terry Kincaid
2015 Sheri Scherdin
2014 Chuck Sullivan
2013 Patti Wyman
2012 Jim Cash

2011 John Monte
2010 Chuck Sullivan
2009 Danny Logue
2008 Leon Fox
2007 Christina Ott
2006 John Monte
2005 Michael Carli
2004 James Nichols
2003 Ron Morris
2002 John Monte inaugural year (started Sept. 10, 2002 as the Bay Area Business Network)

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