George Kostakis, DDS

George Kostakis dds

Family and Cosmetic Dentist
Office Phone: 727.787.7434
Mobile Phone: 727.741.8498

I was mistreated by my childhood dentist in New Jersey. He drilled on my teeth without Novocain. Other than kidney stones, this is probably the worst pain a kid can endure. So, at twelve years old, what do you think I pursued as a career? Exactly, dentistry!

In the past 26 years, I have been determined to make dental experiences more comfortable than what my dentist put me through. Who were my mentors? My father and grandfathers were all entrepreneurs who gave me advice on how to run a business and how to cultivate loyal customers. My father emphasized that you have to be willing to go the extra yard in a new client’s hour of need. If that means leaving a Thanksgiving dinner to pull a painful tooth, DO IT! If a patient arrives at your door at five minutes until closing and has a severe dental problem, SOLVE IT!

Another principle which is essential to business success is proper planning. I have enjoyed a fantastic partnership, since 2006, with Knight Dental Group. These expert dental technicians and I plan your complex dental work in advance, anticipating possible bumps in the road so that your treatment progress is smooth. We use digital photos to communicate how you smile now, and how you wish to smile starting tomorrow. Finally, like a good builder, we make sure the foundation, your gums and supporting bone, is healthy and strong BEFORE we commit to making your teeth cosmetically beautiful.

Every year, our hygienists measure the gum pockets to make sure hidden gum problems don’t endanger your teeth. We are your preventative watchdogs! My staff is skilled and determined to help you when you have chipped and dark teeth, sore gums, or even toothaches. We strive to help you sleep peacefully and comfortably another night. If you wish, call us for information on sleep apnea. Our office is skilled in helping people who need a sleep aid other than CPAP.

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